No. Your subscription renews itself automatically every month, so there is no need to order each month.
We are shipping from West Coast. Allow us 5-10 business days after you subscribe to ship your box. We will email you the tracking number when your box is shipped so you can truck it to your doorstep. The tracking number can be entered at for shipment information and status updates.
MustBmine is currently only available in the US and can ship to any address in the 50 United States. Currently we cannot ship to APO/FPO addresses or US territories; however, we are working to change this and will let you know as soon as we begin shipping to these areas.
First payment will be taken out from your account on the date you initially subscribe. The monthly fee and applicable shipping & handling fee for your recurring payments will be charged between the 15 and 20 of each month.

Example, if you signed up on Sep 7th, your first payment will be charged on Sept 7th for September box then you will be charged for the October box on or about October 15 – October 20.

If you are a MustBmine member, we will charge your account on the day the payment is due. If the card declines you will be notified and we will attempt few more times thereafter. Your BOX will not be shipped until the payment is processed.
To change your shipping and/or billing address please log into your account and update your information.
Please email us at with the changes you'd like to make. And if there are specific styles that you are looking for please also be specific about that as well.
You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Please note that cancellation will take effect only from the next month after sending the request. 

For example, you don't want to receive November box, then you must unsubscribe in October. If you send us an email on November 1 or later, then your cancellation will take effect only from the next month - December.

To cancel your subscription just simply send an email to us at

Please note that cancellation will take effect only from the next month after sending the request. 

Sales at MustBmine are final. Items cannot be returned for exchange, credit, or refunds.
If your jewelry has arrived damaged/missing please email us at within 3 business days after you received your box. Please include the word damage or missing in the subject line and attach an image of the damaged item.
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate for allergies. However, we do our best to choose products that are safe and lead-free for use by the majority of customers.
You may have mistyped your email address when creating your account. Please send an email to
You may order a box as an ONE TIME purchase by either subscribing and placing your account on hold/cancel after making the order.